Version 1

You can download the first version of the IconARt dataset here. The dataset was introduced in a paper which is to appear in VISART2018. You can also find project page for the paper here.

This dataset contains 5955 images (from WikiCommons) : a train set of 2978 images and a test set of 2977 images (for classification task). 1480 of the 2977 images are annotated with bounding boxes for 7 classes : ‘angel’,‘Child_Jesus’,‘crucifixion_of_Jesus’,‘Mary’,‘nudity’, ‘ruins’,‘Saint_Sebastien’.

Version 2

The version 2 of the database contains 10 classes and can be download here with the same images. The classes are ‘angel’,‘beard’,‘capital’,‘Child_Jesus’,‘crucifixion_of_Jesus’,‘Mary’,‘nudity’,‘ruins’,‘Saint_Sebastien’,‘turban’.